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Rokita Law P.C is a highly-rated boutique law firm headquartered in Los Angeles. Rokita Law focuses on business law/business litigation, real estate law/real estate litigation, California lemon law, and intellectual property law, which includes trademarks and copyrights. Our skilled Los Angeles attorney is experienced in resolving various types of legal disputes, whether it is transactional or litigation. Working with a reputable Los Angeles lawyer is of utmost importance. Rokita Law P.C is your one-stop-shop for all your legal needs.

Business Law | Real Estate Law | Intellectual Property| Lemon Law

Rokita Law, P.C. is an esteemed Los Angeles law firm focused on four distinct practice areas: Business Law/Business Litigation, Real Property Law/Real Estate Litigation, Intellectual Property, and Lemon Law. We are devoted to providing reliable representation backed by a knowledgeable attorney dedicated to protecting our clients’ interests and advocating for their success. Our law firm is experienced in resolving various types of legal disputes, whether it is transactional or litigation. Our mission is to provide high-quality services while ensuring client satisfaction at every turn of their case; our vision is to be the premier provider of comprehensive legal solutions within the Los Angeles area and beyond. We prioritize transparency as well as staying up-to-date on important changes in California law so that together we can confidently achieve positive results for our clients.

Civil Litigation | Rokita Law P.C

A California civil litigation attorney represents clients in non-criminal matters in court and offers them legal counsel. Although the term civil litigation encompasses a wide variety of practice areas, Rokita Law strictly focuses on business litigation, real estate litigation, California lemon law, and intellectual property law, which includes copyright and trademark. 

Our legal team possesses exceptional research and analytical skills along with deep knowledge of California law and civil procedure. California civil litigation proceedings typically consist of six steps: the complaint, the answer, the discovery phase, pre-trial motions, which may include a summary judgment, the trial, and the post-trial. Based on the case’s complexity, parties involved, and the court’s schedule, resolution can take weeks or many years. It is essential to have an experienced and skilled Los Angeles civil litigation lawyer on your side. Contact us to see how working with Rokita Law P.C can increase your prospects for success!

Business Law | Business Litigation | Rokita Law P.C

For businesses and enterprises aiming to establish and build strong legal foundations, a Los Angeles business attorney is an invaluable asset. Rokita Law is experienced in transactional business law as well as business litigation. Our Los Angeles business lawyers can assist with providing experienced guidance on a range of legal issues related to your business. Working with a reputable Los Angeles business litigation lawyer is of utmost importance. The best way to avoid legal disputes is by preparing a robust legal foundation. Rokita Law P.C is your one-stop-shop for all your legal needs. We offer legal services ranging from contract formation, review, and negotiation to ensure client transactions are equitable and justifiable. It’s critical to select a business attorney with the experience to manage the unique needs of your company.

A competent Los Angeles business litigation lawyer should be able to clearly and concisely explain complicated legal ideas while having a solid understanding of your industry. Rokita Law P.C. is committed to professionalism and honesty. We pay close attention to detail and have a keen eye for potential legal difficulties. It is crucial to find a trustworthy attorney to ensure you have the proper guidance and counsel when a legal dispute arises. Amanda Rokita is a reputable Los Angeles business litigation lawyer fighting for her client’s rights.

Real Estate Law | Real Estate Litigation

Rokita Law P.C. offers legal assistance to individuals and businesses involved in real estate transactions, disputes, and litigation. An experienced real estate lawyer can defend your interests matters and avoid legal disputes. Rokita Law P.C. provides comprehensive advice on various legal matters, including transaction terms, negotiations, and contract reviews. Our real estate lawyers in Los Angeles can help navigate legal requirements such as buy and sell agreements, paperwork, and deed preparation and registration. Additionally, we represent clients in various real estate litigation and disputes such as boundary disputes, property fraud, quiet title, land use, zoning issues, and conflicts between buyers and sellers. To protect your interests, contact Rokita Law P.C. for experienced and trusted representation from our real estate litigation lawyers in Los Angeles.

Intellectual Property | Trademark Lawyer | Copyright Lawyer

In regards to intellectual property, Rokita Law has experience in filing and maintaining trademarks and copyrights, safeguarding intellectual property, and resolving legal issues through litigation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. Rokita Law P.C. assists clients in preserving and defending distinctive rights to their original creative works. A few examples of these rights are copyrights or trademarks.

As an intellectual property attorney located in California, Rokita Law has the expertise to give clients the legal advice they require to protect their rights. A professional intellectual property attorney in Los Angeles is crucial because of their understanding of the ever-changing subject of intellectual property law, local connections, familiarity with local laws, and proximity to clients. Because of the numerous unique industries that call Los Angeles home, including entertainment, technology, and fashion, it is vital for companies, organizations, and people with intellectual property assets to have an intellectual property attorney in CA on their side. It is essential for you to take immediate action to assert your rights and prevent infringement. To safeguard a client’s intellectual property rights, Rokita Law P.C. offers helpful guidance during every legal process involved.

California Lemon Law Attorney

Our experienced Los Angeles lemon law attorney has vast experience in protecting California consumers via California’s consumer protection laws. Our office is available to assist with lemon law cases for cars, trucks, and RV’s, We will zealously advocate for you and help you get the justice you deserve. We make sure that our clients understand their rights and help them through the legal process every step of the way.

Why Should You Choose Rokita Law P.C. As Your California Attorney?

With an eye for success in the business world, Amanda is a thriving entrepreneur and litigation lawyer from Los Angeles. She tackles challenges head-on and takes risks to see her vision through. Amanda’s commitment is unwavering, and she uses her expertise to secure the assets of small businesses. Her clients benefit from her innovative problem-solving techniques and custom strategic solutions, tailored for each scenario. A fierce advocate, Amanda fights relentlessly for her clients and offers legal guidance that helps individuals and organizations reach their goals with ease.

If you are looking for a trustworthy and professional attorney in Los Angeles, contact Rokita Law P.C. today!


Meet Amanda Rokita

Amanda M. Rokita, ESQ. is an attorney and founder of Rokita Law P.C, a boutique law firm. Learn more about her background, experience, philosophy, personal life and additional information.

Client Reviews

Ms Rokita is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. I received great advice and will definitely be choosing her if I move forward with litigation. My case is dealing with HOA and building damage, and she gave me really helpful information and...

Sarah E.

By far the best experience I have ever had. In the process of launching a new business. A LOT of paperwork, contracts, vendors, etc... Amanda was a pleasure to work with. She was up front, communicative, and gave a smart and powerful vibe. Highly recommend!...

Adam M.

Amanda is very likable and trustworthy attorney. Don't let her age and office fool you. She is well versed and up to date on all the laws. Amanda has answered all my questions and gave me a confidence to hire her as my attorney. My outcome will be available...

Doni A.

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