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Rokita Law offers a free 10 minute screening call and paid consultations.

The purpose of the screening call is to discuss your legal issue and for our firm to determine whether we may be able to assist you. If it does, you will be directed to schedule a consultation to discuss your matter in detail. Please note that the attorney will not provide legal advice or information during the screening call. 

If you require a same day consultation for an urgent matter, please contact our office via phone to confirm availability.

If you would like to request a phone consultation, please do so via the portal link below. Once the request is received, our office will contact you via phone or email to confirm availability or purpose.

Why We Charge For Consultations*

When you share facts related to your case, we may be unable to provide legal assistance to another party, business, or entity involved due to a conflict of interest, even if you do not hire us.

We cannot give legal advice during a free consultation. Even if you think your question is a “quick question” or something requiring a simple answer, by analyzing the law and the facts you’ve provided, we are providing legal advice. If you rely on this legal advice or apply it in a way that does not favorably resolve your issue, we risk potential liability. We cannot take on liability for free. 

*This does not apply to lemon law cases. We offer a free phone consultation for lemon law cases.

Click here to make an appointment via our online portal

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