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Business Law

Business law focuses on providing guidance for businesses on how to operate in accordance with the law. At its core, business law is about helping businesses succeed while also protecting their interests and those of their customers. Business law makes it possible for businesses to function within an equitable and predictable legal structure, which can enable economic stability and growth. Entrepreneurs and executives must understand business law to make decisions that will safeguard their interests and reduce legal risks. Disputes between businesses can also be settled using business law, whether through mediation or the litigation process. Businesses should have a thorough understanding of business law and seek the advice of a qualified business attorney. Our office provides services to small businesses and entrepreneurs under a wide range of topics, including business litigation, entity formation, corporate contracts, compliance with laws and regulations, and more.

Real Property Law

The rights and obligations associated with the ownership of real estate are governed by real property law. This law covers a broad range of legal concerns. Examples are disputes over property lines, zoning laws, and ownership transfers of real estate. Mortgages, leasing, and eminent domain-related problems are also covered under real property law. Real estate transactions can be complicated, so it’s crucial to grasp real property law completely to protect everyone involved. Real property law can support reasonable and effective dispute resolution in real estate ownership and usage issues. An attorney can help to ensure a fair and transparent conduct of real estate transactions. Every transaction regarding real estates can be completed efficiently, and all legal criteria can be satisfied by consulting an experienced real estate attorney.

Trademarks and Intellectual Property Law

The creations of the mind, such as innovations and creative works, are protected by intellectual property law. Giving creators temporary exclusive rights to their works is intended to encourage innovation. The protection provided by intellectual property law ensures that others do not inappropriately use their works. Intellectual property can be protected in many forms, for example with patents, copyrights, and trademarks. Different laws apply to various types of intellectual property. Everybody who produces creative works should be familiar with this law. By seeking the advice of an experienced intellectual property attorney, you can make sure that your rights are protected.

Lemon Law

If your new or certified used car, truck, or RV cannot be repaired, you may be entitled to a replacement or a refund under California’s Lemon Law. California’s Lemon Law covers cars, trucks, or RV’s that were purchased or leased as new or used so long as there is still time remaining on the manufacturer’s warranty. Lemon law also includes dealer-owned vehicles and demonstrators. The California Lemon Law, also known as the Song-Beverly Act, is one of the most robust consumer protection laws in the nation. This law provides a safety net for consumers who purchase defective products, especially new or certified used vehicles, by legally obligating the manufacturer or dealer to provide certain remedies or compensation to customers when warranties are breached. If you think your car, truck, or RV may be a lemon, consider consulting with our experienced lemon law attorneys.

Client Reviews

Ms Rokita is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. I received great advice and will definitely be choosing her if I move forward with litigation. My case is dealing with HOA and building damage, and she gave me really helpful information and...

Sarah E.

By far the best experience I have ever had. In the process of launching a new business. A LOT of paperwork, contracts, vendors, etc... Amanda was a pleasure to work with. She was up front, communicative, and gave a smart and powerful vibe. Highly recommend!...

Adam M.

Amanda is very likable and trustworthy attorney. Don't let her age and office fool you. She is well versed and up to date on all the laws. Amanda has answered all my questions and gave me a confidence to hire her as my attorney. My outcome will be available...

Doni A.

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