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Civil Litigation Lawyer In Los Angeles, California

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Litigation Lawyer In Los Angeles, California

At Rokita Law, P.C., our experienced civil litigation attorneys provide clients with a wide range of legal services. From negotiation and dispute resolution to representation in court proceedings, our team is fully prepared to help those facing civil law issues.

Our team has extensive experience in assisting clients with business contract disputes, real estate controversies, title disputes, boundary disputes, business liability claims, and various other civil matters. In addition to helping clients navigate the complexities of civil litigation processes, we also offer counsel and advice on legal strategies that can help avoid costly suits or protracted disputes.

We understand that each client’s situation is unique and strive to develop custom solutions that are tailored to meet their needs and goals. Our attorneys have the knowledge and expertise necessary to assist with all aspects of a case from pre-litigation negotiations through trial proceedings. We will thoroughly review all relevant documents and evidence relating to your case before developing a comprehensive strategy aimed at achieving an optimal outcome for you as quickly as possible.

In addition to providing representation for civil suits, our firm also offers ancillary services such as document preparation, investigative research, filing procedures, witness testimony analysis, among many others. We will work alongside you throughout the entire case process in order to ensure that your interests are protected throughout every step of the legal process.

At Rokita Law, P.C., we prioritize client service above all else and are committed to making sure that they receive the best possible legal advice available. Our team is available should you require assistance related to your civil litigation matter – contact us today to get started!

Types of Litigation Cases We Handle:

  • Small Business Business Litigation
    • Partnership Disputes
    • Business Contract Disputes
    • Breach of Contract
  • Real Estate Litigation
    • Partition Actions
    • Quiet Title
    • Boundary Disputes
  • Trademark Litigation
  • Copyright Litigation

Types of Litigation Cases We DO NOT HANDLE:

  • Lemon Law
  • Employment cases (Employee side)
  • Eviction cases (Tenant side)
  • Sexual Harassment 
  • Consumer Law (Consumer Legal Remedies Act)
  • Identity Theft

This list is non-exhaustive. If you are unsure of whether we handle your type of case, please contact our office. 

Trust Rokita Law For Your Litigation Needs In California

Rokita Law is committed to offering our clients knowledgeable and experienced representation in all of their business legal matters. Our lawyers have the skill and experience necessary to thoroughly and efficiently handle all aspects of your case. With Rokita Law, you can breathe a little easier knowing you have a real estate lawyer on your side that offers solutions to many legal needs with experience, passion, and integrity. Located in Los Angeles, California, our office offers services throughout Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Glendale, and the San Fernando Valley. Our practice areas include civil litigation, business law, real estate law, and intellectual property, to give you well-rounded support with trusted, professional lawyers. Schedule a consultation today to find out how our office can assist you with your legal matters.